Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Holidays at home

Gus hasn't quite got the concept of holidays. He understands the ones when we get on a plane and go somewhere but he doesn't quite get how we can be on holiday at home. Why are we at home but not at school?
I was a bit anxious about these hols as usual, there has been a lot of sibling fighting but generally the boys have been amazing. I think the big one has suddenly realised the little one is a lot of fun, and in the absence of school friends, he'll do. So they have been playing imaginary spy games most days and getting a real kick out of each other (occasionally an actual kick but we won't dwell on that).
We have been away to Menorca for a week, and it was our best holiday for a while, but mostly I have loved our holiday at home.
We decided to make more of the deck at the back of the garden. The boys have a playhouse there but it's a lovely shady spot and when the suntrap of the front of the garden gets too hot for me, it's a lovely retreat, so we decided to make a little outdoor living room there. We strung the hammock, got new slings for the deckchairs, bought a little table and a basket for transporting all their gubbins, and there we have been hanging out, eating, playing cards and drawing every day. I don't want summer to ever end.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Felt Cornershop - bonkers but wonderful :-)

Lucy Sparrow has taken over an old cornershop in Bethnal Green, East London and filled it with over 4000 felt groceries for exhibition and sale. Here she is manning the till! You can visit her at the shop till 31st August.

Some of my favourites...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Here is some evidence I still exist

I'm not gonna be one of those bloggers that blogs every 6 months and apologises for it, who cares! It's liberating :-)
Like my pal Flora instagram has taken over from here a little (a lot). I don't have the attention span for blogs anymore so I don't begrudge you not visiting or commenting either, but I still feel the need to update every now again and it's been a long old time.

What have I been up to?

Watching a lot of Wimbledon in the corner of my screen.
Watching a lot of Glastonbury in the corner of my screen.
Hoping I still rock like Debbie Harry when I'm her age.
Continuing on my Lilla Rogers Bootcamp course.
Preparing for Top Drawer again in September.
Making squillions of new things for the shop.
Re-designing my logo and general brand.
Jzujzing around Nice.
Making new labels for all of my card sets.
Performing my class rep duties.
Working (wrestling) in year 3 art every Monday.
Making loom bands.
Eating a lot of fruit.
Pretending to laugh at the most ridiculous knock knock jokes.
Doing a course at the Fashion & Textiles Museum (not in fashion or textiles).
Looking at beaches on googlemaps.
Stroking the cats.
Taking pictures of the cats (a lot).
Playing cards at The Mill.
Enduring a lot of World Cup talk.
Gossipping after school.
Reliving my love of Matisse.
Wearing dresses at last.
Trying to be in the hammock on my own for more than 5 minutes.

Here is some evidence that I'm still here:

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Open Studios - Roddy & Ginger

I swung by Dulwich Open Studios on Saturday with my lovely friend Justine Ellis. There was only one place I really had my eye on - Virginia's. After swooning all over it on her blog and instagram for the last few years I jumped on the snoopers bandwagon for a tour. Of course I bought a cushion too, one of her new blue & indigo ones, couldn't help myself!

So funny seeing her house in person, a bit like meeting a movie star. We had a cuppa and great chat about business. It's good to talk, especially when you are all on the same kind of page.

Thanks Virginia! x