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Friday, January 04, 2013

New Year catch-up

Happy new year blog buddies! Feels like I've been away for ages, do you know I did not take one picture over Christmas, not even instagram, so I feel a bit distant, even though I did keep up with your festivities. Seems like you all had a lovely time. 
Our best buddies from Brooklyn came to stay over New Year which was lovely but I got flu at the beginning of the week which kind of spoilt my fun, and since then Gus has been ever so clingy, I think kids get a bit insecure when a parent is off colour.

Over on it's a list thing we have been making lists (of course), but not necessarily resolutions. I found it really hard to put my actual ideas and plans down on paper, but when I closed off all my other thoughts and just started writing, this is what came out...

I'll be back soon with what's new at mrs eliot books. x

Friday, July 06, 2012

It's a list thing

I've been busy working on a few side projects recently. First up is the return of It's a List Thing - a blog Xanthe and I used to have a few years ago, relaunched. All is explained in the little animation below. It starts with "um..." (story of my life!)

We're excited because we all used to get such a kick out of it. We just couldn't maintain it (not sure why we think we can now, since we are even busier, but hey-ho!) 

Anyway, it's a fun thing to do, so if you like making lists (we do) and you'd like to sign up to send us your list every month (or however often you can), visit It's a List Thing and click the sign up form. We already have a few lists up there (plus the archive from a few years back, when blogger wasn't so pretty!). This month's list is Things that make me feel grown up...

Have a superduper weekend lovely blog friends. xxx